Lianne La Havas: Lost and Found EP

Album cover for Lianne La Havas, Lost & Found

Notes seem to pop up from Lianne La Havas’ guitar and gently flow up into a calm, peaceful air. Her voice drifts in. Soft, gentle and delicate it’s a perfect contrast to the deeper vocals of Willy Mason, who duets to provide No Room for Doubt, the fantastic lead track of La Havas’ much talked about debut EP Lost & Found.

 The rhythm and style of her guitar work is reminiscent of Jake Thackray. The beautiful flowing rhythms and serenity of her vocals cast a spell on you. Transporting you to some far-off distant bar, where you can sit peaceably, favourite drink in hand, and watch, as all of your troubles, hang-ups and woes rush off and vanish into the distances.

 The spell continues into the next track, Lost & Found, which takes on a much more sombre tone. Lines like “you broke me, and taught me, to truly hate myself” are sung with such passion and pain, that it makes you wonder what someone did to cause such anguish. With Age we see a more playful side to La Havas’ song writing. With a bubbly, vibrant rhythm and lyrics about age differences in relationships, it’s a style that epitomises the album whose major themes are love and hate. But it isn’t just guitar and piano tracks. With Final Form, a cover of the Everything Everything track, the usual frisky guitar work meets a much heavier, electronic sound and shows that La Havas has more than one style in her repertoire.

Lost & Found is available on iTunes for £2.99

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