City Reign: Numbers for Street Names

Numbers for street names cover

The eclectic venue of Gulliver’s was the site for the launch of ‘Numbers for Street Names’, the new EP byManchester band City Reign.

City Reign are a four-piece guitar band in the true indie traditions of Manchester. ‘Numbers for Street Names’ is a five track treat that surprises and impresses with every song.

The cover pictures a man running for refuge from the bitter cold and snow. This is fitting, as the album is the perfect soundtrack for those long, cold nights where we are drawn into packed little clubs, looking for cold beers, and great tunes.

The EP opens with ‘Making Plans’, a beautifully crafted, gritty, upbeat track with all the storytelling finesse of The Smiths. Then ‘Sleep Easy’ kicks in and we’re treated to an explosive intro that wouldn’t be out of place on a record by The Jam.

It isn’t all upbeat, dirty indie tunes though. Songs like ‘The Line’ and ‘Anywhere Anyway’ have a much more melancholic, darker tone and really give the EP more depth and a much deeper edge.

‘Numbers for Street Names’ is available on iTunes.

One thought on “City Reign: Numbers for Street Names

  1. I am a fan of yours David and look forward to reading your reviews with interest. Always delighted with your expressions and writing style, I always think that I have been there with you! Thanks.

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