Man Utd – Sponsorship Mad: Who Could be the Official Rival?

Bwin have just signed a sponsorship deal with Manchester United to become the club’s ‘Official Online Gaming and Betting Partner’, taking the Salford club’s total number of sponsors up to a staggering 20.

Not so long ago a club would have an offical sponsor on their shirt, and an official kit maker. However, it seems those days are long gone and the world’s richest club are happy to accept sponsorship from anyone, for anything. Heads were turned when the club accepted separate sponsorship for its training kits from DHL. But that is far from the most bizarre of the club’s partners.

Wackiest of the deals has to be Mamee who are, I shit you not, the club’s official noodles partner. Mister Potato has managed to get the esteemed position of being the official savoury snacks provider to the reds. But good news for Haribo – the club have yet to secure themselves an official sweet snacks provider, so get your application form in now lads I’m sure the queue is long and exhausting.

Singha provide the official beer, and Casillero del Diablo the official wine, but, perhaps unsurprisingly given the club’s recent lack of success, there is no official champagne sponsor.

Puzzlingly Smirnoff are the club’s ‘responsible drinking partner’, god only knows what on earth that is, I would have thought the Methodist Church would have been better suited. But if the club are after an irresponsible drinking partner then I’d be more than happy to oblige. Perhaps I could team up with Moet and kill two birds with one stone? What I’d really like to do though, is get my fellow Leeds supporters to club together and see if we can’t get ourselves to be ‘the official rivals of Manchester United’. Not that I want to give our arch-enemy some cash, but we’ve been out of the limelight now for so long now I think a little bit of recognition could do us the world of good.

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