Music on Buses

Why is it that everyone who plays their music loud on a bus or a train always, without fail, has horrendous taste in music?

And it’s not just me and my personal tastes. Oh no! Everyone on the bus looks round as if to say “what a load of old shit!” There’s never another guy bobbing their head, tapping their feet, digging the tunes saying “yeah man, this is the stuff!”

What I’d give for someone to get on the bus one day with some Pink Floyd or Metallica blaring out. Or – even better still – some old dear kicking back with some Rachmaninov pouring out an old 80s style ghetto blaster.

What’d be even better would be to have buskers on the buses and trains. Not only would you get the joy of some live music, but it’d be hilarious watching some poor guy on a guitar trying to keep his balance as the bus lurched through Manchester’s 10, 000 potholes.

I’ve seen it done on trams in Rio and it works great. It’d also give the buskers that have been banned from the London Underground and town centres in favour of ‘per approved buskers’ the liberty to play and entertain once again.

A man can dream. A man can dream…

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